Betting Responsible

What is betting responsible?

When we talking about responsible gambling, we mean any betting that isn’t causing harm. If betting is creating financial stress, anxiety, depression or affecting your life in a negative way overall, then it’s not responsible.

We want our customers to understand that, gambling is not a bad thing if you do it within the framework of what its meant to be, which is fun and entertaining.


Tips for betting sensibly

View gambling as a form of entertainment and not a source of income.

Limit your alcohol and/or cannabis intake while gambling.

Don’t use gambling as a way to cope with stress, loneliness, or depression.

Know how the games work before you wager.

Only gamble with money you have – never borrow money or use money intended for necessities, like rent or food.

Balance gambling with other recreational activities.

Don’t try to win back what you’ve lost.

Remember to take a break from gambling. Gambling continuously can cause you to lose track of time and perspective.

Seek help If you find yourself gambling when breaking any of the above tips.


How does Afrisbet stay responsible?

It is our responsibility to create a secure environment for our customers. We make sure our clients’ players avoid gambling addiction by setting betting limit, underage betting problems, and dealing with privacy breaches and online threats.



“Gamble with your head not with your heart”